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Ronnefeldt places special value on individual support and guidance, which is why we have tea consultants who are there just for you.

All our tea consultants are trained TeaMasters® and have in-depth knowledge of teas from all over the world. They will visit you in your establishment and give you expert advice. On tea and on a bespoke concept with presentation options, utensils for making tea, china for serving, tea menus and – especially important – a sophisticated training programme for your staff.

Of one thing we're sure: it's worth it for you.

Director International Sales

Jörg Reichardt

Phone: +49 69 793005-37
Fax: +49 69 793005-38
Mobile: +49 151 11438613


Assistant to Director International Sales

Barbara Leutner

Phone: +49 69 793005-81
Fax: +49 69 793005-38

Niederlande Belgien Luxemburg Benelux

Thomas Merschky


Fax: +31 26 4720589
Mobile: +31 62 7140758

Frankreich Frankreich

M. Emmanuel Lefebvre

South of France, Paris and surroundings

Mobil: +33 663 619569