LeafCup® - ready-portioned loose leaf tea for making tea in a cup.

Ronnefeldt also offers carefully produced leaf teas ready-portioned for the cup. They come in their own large filter made of eco-friendly natural fibres so they can unfold to their full size when boiling water is poured over them and release their very own individual flavour.

LeafCup® is also individually film-packaged to retain its individual aroma in storage and when on display.

Classic Darjeeling

A delicious summer plucking with the typical bouquet of a Darjeeling.

Fruity White

White tea with a surprisingly distinctive flavour of pears and peaches.

Classic Assam

A highly aromatic broken tea – typically spicy and malty.


South African rooibos with stimulating herbs to let the sunshine in.

Classic English Breakfast

A black, gentle tea with the typical flavour of a Ceylon.


A highly aromatic herbal infusion full of energy and freshness.

Classic Earl Grey

A flavoured black tea elegantly blended with the freshness of bergamot.

Refreshing Mint

Cool relaxation with a herbal infusion with lemon grass and peppermint.


A very popular Assam blended with the exotic, spicy ingredients of India.

Sweet Camomile

The delicate fruitiness of orange petals over the mild tartness of camomile.

Classic Green Tea

A rare and refreshing green tea with the mild tartness typical for the variety.


Soothing verbena with its subtle touch of lemon.

Moroccan Mint

Green tea blended with the enchanting, aromatic nana mint from Morocco.

Rooibos Orange

A powerful Rooibos with lively orange and a softer note of vanilla.


A green tea with delicate flower petals and the rich aroma of exotic fruits.

Fruit Power

An aromatic fruit infusion with the power and the flavour of native berries.

Lemon Fresh

A superbly fruity and refreshing fruit infusion with the flavour of lemons.