Exquisite teas in many different varieties for extravagant enjoyment

Traditionally, loose tea is the most delicious of all teas. Even making it can become a small tea ceremony and the numerous varieties make for a magnificent experience in flavour. Loose tea comes as black and green tea as well as herbal and fruit infusions. Pure or flavoured, loose teas are so diverse they open the door to completely new tea devotees.

Not all our teas are listed here because we look forward to advising you personally.

Spring Darjeeling

A First Flush black tea with the gentle aroma of Darjeeling.

Jasmine Gold

The fragrance of delicate jasmine blossoms over a Chinese green tea from the summer harvest.

Darjeeling Summer Gold

A Second Flush from the southern slopes of the Himalayas – gentle and delicately flowery.

Pai Mu Tan & Melon

The delicate aroma of melons over a white spring tea from China.

Assam Bari

An extravagant broken tea with a multitude of golden leaf tips.

Herbs & Ginger

An ayurveda tea with fascinating ingredients such as ginger and lemon verbena.

English Breakfast

A full-bodied, medium strong Ceylon tea with a sparkling flavour.


Eight magic herbs for inner well-being and cheerfulness.

Classic Chai

The famous Indian spice blended with a powerfully malty Assam.

Chill out with Herbs

The infusion for those relaxing moments – with balm for stress.

Earl Grey

A richly aromatic autumn Darjeeling with a sparkling, fresh lemon aroma.

Life & Beauty

A fresh herbal infusion with the liveliness of lemon verbena.

Oolong Peach

An unusual oolong with fragrant orange petals and juicy pieces of peach.

Light & Fit

Light herbs and precious vitamins for perfect well-being.

Fancy Sencha

A premium large-leafed Sencha: delicate tartness with a breath of sweetness.

Vanilla Rooibos

A South African herbal infusion tinged with the delicious richness of creamy vanilla.

Green Dragon

A rare, mildly tart, refreshing green tea with delicate leaf buds.

Get the Power

Exquisite fruits, real fruit juices and cola nuts for a powerful energy boost.


A tea creation with green Sencha and mango lemon flavour.

Red Fruit

Fruitily spicy berries and currants in a powerful fruit infusion.