Tea-Caddy® - ready-portioned loose tea for the teapot

Tastes just like loose tea, is loose tea but comes ready-portioned for the teapot, Tea-Caddy® is the acclaimed Ronnefeldt invention. The tea comes in a large filter made of natural fibres so that it can fully unfold and release its flavour. Your tea consultant would be pleased to help you put together a personal selection for your guests.

Spring Darjeeling

A gentle and delicately flowery black Spring tea.

Jasmine Tea

A gentle China tea with the delicate aroma of freshly plucked jasmine petals.

Darjeeling Summer Gold

Flowery elegance with the delicious, harmonious aroma of a summer plucking.

Pear & Peach

Refreshingly fruity – the scintillating, characteristic sweetness of pear with a note of ripe peaches.

Assam Bari

An extravagant broken tea with an abundance of aroma: strong, spicy and malty.

Fitness Tea

A cool and revitalizing herbal infusion with Rooibos and freshly daring ingredients.

English Breakfast

A mildly tart, black Ceylon tea with a sparkling flavour.

Mint & Fresh

A relaxing herbal infusion with peppermint and lemon grass.

Earl Grey

The most popular flavoured black tea with a sparkling lemon aroma.

Fruity Camomile

A deliciously wholesome infusion with the gentle sweetness of orange petals.

Oriental Oolong

A gentle oolong with fruity lulo and an extravagant flavour of dates.

Verveine Balance

Soothing verbena with its subtle touch of lemon.

Green Dragon

A rare green China tea made from hand-plucked leaf buds.

Cream Orange

A full-bodied rooibos with the creamily gentle aroma of vanilla.


A carefully crafted plantation tea from the highlands of India with the delicately tart aroma of Darjeeling.

Sweet Berries

Delicious pieces of fruit and real fruit juice in this flavoured fruit infusion.


A flavoured green tea with fascinating, fruity aromas and petals.

Lemon Fresh

A superbly fruity and refreshing fruit infusion with the flavour of lemons.